Crash Course Navigating Digital Information

You may be familiar with Crash Course educational videos from John Green.  They’re FREE and they cover a whole range of high school courses.  Now there’s a series of videos to help you become a great researcher.

The internet is full of information – good, bad, and in between. Misinformation is everywhere on the internet, and it can be hard to know if a website is a reliable source for your research assignment.  

In Navigating Digital Information, you will learn hands-on skills to help you evaluate the information you read online. After watching the eleven videos, you will be able to:

* Examine information using the same skills and questions as fact-checkers

* Read laterally to learn more about the authority and perspective of sources

* Evaluate different types of evidence, from photos and videos to infographics

* Understand how search engines and social media feeds work

* Break bad internet habits like impatience and passivity, and build better ones

Check out Navigating Digital Information today!

Take a Study Break

You already know that the library is a great place to study for finals, but did you know it’s also a great place to take a study break?  Stop in the library during lunch Dec. 5-16 for some fun and relaxation.  We’ll have:

  • Origami
  • Coloring pages
  • Puzzles
  • Relaxing videos to watch

Wood Shop Dino Display in the Library

Come to the library and check out the display of wooden dinosaur models created by Mr. Pepke’s woods students.  Awesome job!  Thank you for letting us display your work in the library!