New Mexico History

“Seal of New Mexico.” Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States. Gale, 2010. Discover Collection. Web. 26 Apr. 2013.


A cart with books about New Mexico history is reserved in the library for your use.  Search the AHS library catalog for additional materials. Use the “AHS Library Research Log” to keep track of the sources you use for your works cited page.


A list of passwords for remote use of databases is available in the library.

StudentResourcesLgStudent Resources in Context provides articles from newspapers, magazines, reference sources, and journals, as well as images, videos, audio files, as well as primary source materials.

UsHistoryInContextU.S. History in Context provides information on the history of New Mexico, including the most significant people, events and topics in the state’s history.

B_schoolBritannica School Search “New Mexico” for articles, primary-source material, multimedia (images, videos, and audio clips), biographical material on well-known New Mexicans, links to expert websites, and more.

abc-clioamericanhistoryABC-CLIO American History database provides information about events, people, places, and facts about New Mexico history.

Web Sites

Maps via kwout


Search Engines

Use the following high-quality, academic search engines to find web sites about New Mexico history:

Citation Help (MLA)

Purdue OWL: MLA Formatting and Style Guide via kwout




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